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As a CLO, your corporation can make a significant impact on climate change by promoting carbon literacy and sustainable practices within your operations.

Evaluate your company’s carbon footprint with the help of our carbon assessment tools. Gain insights into your emissions profile, identify areas for improvement and set targets for reducing your carbon impact.

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What is a Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO)?

Carbon Literacy makes a tangible contribution to staff well-being, to the effectiveness of workplace learning, to the employability of learners, to the efficiency of work-places, to the competitiveness of companies – and of course to our collective role in tackling climate change.


The CLO accreditation supports the development (and recruitment and retention) of a Carbon Literate workforce and requires an organisation to engage positively with its audience or community in developing and delivering low carbon behaviour. The accreditation is applicable to any organisation, from large corporations to small or medium sized enterprises.


There are four tiers of CLO accreditation: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each demonstrating a higher level of commitment and achievement. The accreditation has been designed to showcase significant dedication to Carbon Literacy, the four tiers ensuring distinction between organisations showing differing levels of commitment. Accreditation can be applied for at any level. For example, an organisation that is not currently CLO accredited, may wish to apply directly for Gold or Platinum level accreditation, and enter the scheme at that level.


Take the first step in becoming a Carbon Literate Organisation by equipping your corporation with the tools and knowledge to lead the way in carbon reduction and sustainability practices.

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