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Eco-Schools Programme FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Eco-Schools Malaysia programme.

The Eco-School Programme follows seven-step process: (1) Form an Eco-Committee, (2) Conduct an Environmental Review, (3) Develop an Action Plan, (4) Monitor and Evaluate Process (5) Link to the curriculum, (6) Informing and Involving, and (7) Produce and Eco-Code.


This process helps schools identify environmental challenges, set goals, take action, and engage stakeholders to create a greener and more sustainable learning environment.


At the end of the seven-step implementation, you have to apply for a certification award through our online form.


Your application will be evaluated by Eco-School assessors. The certification level ranging from Bronze to Green Flag will be awarded. 

For more information, check out the What is Certification? page.

To get started with the Eco-School, you can visit the What is Certification? page to get familiar with the programme. 


Register your school HERE! – 


We will contact you via email to give guidance on initiating the programme at your school.

Yes, any school, regardless of its size, location, or educational level, can participate in the Eco-School Program. The program is suitable for preschools, primary schools and secondary. It is open to both public and private institutions, as long as they are committed to promoting sustainability and environmental education.

There is no end deadline for the registration. The registration for Eco-Schools programme is open anytime throughout the year.

The duration to complete the Eco-Schools Programme can vary based on the school’s pace and commitment. Generally, it takes about two to three years to progress through the seven-step process and achieve the Green Flag status. However, schools can continue their sustainability efforts beyond that timeframe to maintain and further improve their environmental initiatives.

After completing the seven-step process, you will submit an application for your school to be certified.

For the Bronze and Silver awards, an online assessment will take place, typically spanning two months.

For the Green Flag award, there will be an on-site assessment of the school, and the results will be announced on the day of the assessment.


Certification is free for all publicly-funded schools in Malaysia. 

Independent/private schools pay an annual fee to apply for certification

This fee enables access to curriculum-linked resources and certification recognition materials. The annual fee also provides schools with access to certification support throughout the year from Eco-Schools Malaysia staff.

School applications in the Eco-School Program are assessed through a comprehensive evaluation process. The assessment typically involves reviewing the school’s documentation, action plan, and evidence of implementation for each of the seven steps of the program. Trained assessors, carefully review the submitted materials and assess their alignment with the program’s criteria and guidelines. They evaluate the extent to which the school has addressed environmental issues, integrated sustainability into the curriculum, involved the school community, and demonstrated progress towards achieving their goals. 

Based on their evaluation, the assessors provide feedback, recommendations, and determine whether the school meets the criteria for certification, such as the Bronze, Silver or Green Flag award. 

Green Growth Asia strives to ensure that school applications are assessed based on comparable standards and we work hard to apply the certification requirements and deadlines equitably across the country.


If you would like to appeal the final standing that your school received this year, please fill out the Appeal Request Form by emailing


An Eco-Schools staff member will contact you within two weeks of receipt, at which time you may be requested to provide further clarification or evidence to support your appeal.

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