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District Council

Leading your school board or district to environmental excellence

Getting involved with the Eco-Schools programme at the school board/district level is a fantastic way to demonstrate commitment to a sustainable future for students, educators and administrators on a regional scale.


Through membership, school boards and districts have the opportunity to act as leaders for their schools by promoting the Eco-Schools programme as a benchmark for environmental learning and action in Malaysia, while employing certification standards modelled after the international Eco-Schools programme that connects directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


While schools can certify regardless of whether their board or district has member status, the Eco-Schools programme becomes an even more effective tool when boards and districts work together with their schools and take a collective impact approach to environmental learning and climate action.


To learn more about certification for schools, visit our What is Certification?

Becoming a Member School Board or District

Become an Eco-Schools Board or District Member to create system-wide change and demonstrate commitment to a sustainable future for students, educators and administrators on a regional scale.


View the list of current Eco-Schools Member Boards/Districts here.


If you are interested in registering for membership or have any questions, please contact us at   

Public School

Calling all Public Schools! Join the Eco-Schools Malaysia programme and be part of a nationwide movement towards sustainability and environmental excellence.

As a public school, you have the incredible opportunity to inspire and engage students in eco-friendly practices, instilling a sense of responsibility for our planet. 

Through the Eco-Schools programme, you will gain access to valuable resources, training and support to integrate sustainability into your curriculum, school operations, and community engagement.

By joining, you will empower your students to become environmental leaders and drive positive change in their surroundings. 

Embrace this opportunity to make a lasting impact and create a greener future for Malaysia. 

Private / International Schools

We invite Private/International Schools to join the Eco-Schools Malaysia programme and embark on an inspiring sustainability journey. 

As a private or international school, you have a unique opportunity to incorporate environmental education and sustainable practices into your diverse educational environment. 

By joining our programme, you will gain access to a wealth of resources, guidance and support to integrate sustainability into your curriculum, campus operations, and student activities. The Eco-Schools programme provides a platform for your students to develop a strong environmental consciousness, leadership skills and a global perspective on sustainability.

Join us in creating a greener and more sustainable future, while nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped to address the pressing environmental challenges of our time.

Additional Needs Schools

Eco-Schools Malaysia is committed to creating an inclusive and sustainable environment for all schools, including Additional Needs Schools.

We warmly invite Additional Needs Schools to join our programme and embark on a transformative sustainability journey tailored to their unique requirements. By participating in Eco-Schools, you will empower your students with diverse abilities to engage in environmental initiatives, develop important life skills, and foster a sense of environmental stewardship. 

Our dedicated team will provide support, guidance and resources to ensure that the Eco-Schools experience is inclusive, meaningful and enjoyable for all.

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