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Eco-Schools Programme Advisory Committee (EPAC)

Driving Excellence and Innovation

The Eco-Schools Programme Advisory Committee (EPAC) is a distinguished and influential group within the Eco-Schools Malaysia Programme.


Comprising experts from various fields related to sustainability and education, EPAC members play a vital role in providing valuable guidance and support as well as expertise to further enhance the impact and effectiveness of the programme. Their wealth of knowledge and experience ensures that the Eco-Schools Malaysia Programme remains at the forefront of environmental education and sustainability practices.


 Through regular meetings, consultations and collaboration with the Eco-Schools team, EPAC members contribute their insights and perspectives on curriculum development, best practices, innovative approaches and strategies for fostering sustainability leadership in schools. With their involvement, EPAC elevates the programme, promoting continuous improvement and inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders.

EPAC Board of Members

Patron / Penaung

HE Regens Tuanku Hassanal


Green Growth Asia Foundation


  • 1. Ministry of Education
  • 2. RCE Melaka
  • 3. WWF MY
  • 4. OCE Global
  • 5. FEE Denmark
Team Who Sub Network Roles Offer Tenure
National Education JPN 14 States JU Teachers Network KRA and KPI for JU 1.Training and Onboarding
2.Montoring and certification
3.Support GAP
4. Advocate YRE and CRC
Capacity Building Plan 1.Teachers Training
2.EE Certification Programme
3.Benchmark Tours
4. paid training task
Renewal every 2 years
Volunteers Corporate Volunteers Network KRA and KPI for JU 1.Knowledge transfer
2.Event Coordinators
3.Judging and auditors
Renewal every 2 years
Fellowship Academic form tertiary Education Institutions Knowledge Sharing Module development Renewal every 2 years
Pedigogy and resources 1. Teacher Training Colleges and Institutions
2. Pedagogy Trainers
Renewal every 2 years
Government Parties 1.KASA
Renewal every 2 years
NGO 1.Datai Pledge
2.E-Millenium Explorer
Renewal every 2 years
GLC Network Renewal every 2 years
International Patterns 1.Asian Development Bank
2.Syiah kuala University, Banda Aceh
5.Royal British Society,UK
6.The carbon project , UK
8.Keep Scotland Beautiful
Renewal every 2 years
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