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Join the Green Revolution: Paint Malaysia Vibrant Green!

Play a pivotal role in supporting environmental education

Leap into action with us and sculpt a vibrant, eco-conscious future by sponsoring Eco-Schools Malaysia. Your sponsorship doesn’t just support a cause, it empowers an entire movement. You’ll be the driving force behind environmental education, fueling sustainable initiatives and fostering the green transformation of schools throughout Malaysia. Together, we can turn the tide, painting a greener landscape for generations to come.

Why Sponsor Eco-Schools Malaysia?

Positive Brand Association

Align your brand with a nationally recognised program that promotes environmental stewardship, sustainability, and youth empowerment. Enhance your brand’s reputation as a champion of sustainability and a responsible corporate citizen.

Supporting Education and the Future

Contribute to the education and development of young minds by empowering them with knowledge and skills to become environmental leaders. Your sponsorship directly supports the implementation of engaging environmental learning experiences in schools.

Access to Engaged Audience

Gain visibility and exposure to a wide audience of students, educators, parents, and the wider community. Connect with environmentally conscious individuals who actively participate in sustainable initiatives and appreciate businesses that share their values.

Customised Partnership Opportunities

We offer flexible sponsorship packages tailored to your organisation’s goals and budget. From exclusive naming rights to specific projects, to collaborative events and workshops, we can create a unique partnership that aligns with your objectives.

Social and Environmental Impact

Make a tangible difference in creating a sustainable future. By sponsoring Eco-Schools Malaysia, you directly contribute to environmental conservation, climate action, and the development of environmentally responsible citizens.

Upgrade Your
Green Mission

Level up your organisation's very own green missions with Eco-Schools Malaysia's Modular Projects!

For more information on Eco-Schools Malaysia’s Modular Projects, click HERE


Sponsorship Opportunities

By sponsoring Eco-Schools Malaysia, you have the opportunity to support the growth of sustainable schools, inspire young minds and contribute to a greener Malaysia. Contact us to explore partnership possibilities and discuss how your organisation can make a meaningful impact.

Email us at or call +60122242015 for more information. 

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