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What Is Certification?

Ready, set, certify!

Eco-Schools certification represents environmental excellence for primary through secondary schools in Malaysia.

Participation in the programme allows students, teachers, school administrators, custodians, and parents to get a clear picture of their current environmental practices and take action to reduce their environmental footprint. Each year, schools apply for certification by undertaking environmental actions, campaigns, and projects, and then recording them in the online Eco-Schools Certification Application (ECA) to earn points. At the end of the year, school applications are assessed based on a standard established over 10 years of benchmarking and are awarded a final certification level.

Check out our 2022-23 Certification Guide for a comprehensive overview of the programme.

Why certify?

The Eco-Schools programme is both a framework and a toolbox for taking action and engaging in environmental education. For students, the program provides opportunities for leadership, connection with classmates in different grade levels via peer-to-peer mentorship, and a way to learn about sustainability while having fun.
For teachers, the Eco-Schools Programme integrates seamlessly with curricula across Malaysia and offers unique opportunities for learning.
As a school board/district, participation in the Eco-Schools Programme can result in lower energy outputs from school buildings and offer a regional network between schools for sharing resources.
Quantitative Findings
30% Water Savings
35% Waste Savings
5% Watts Savings
Qualitative Findings


96% Increase knowledge about Green STEM and project based learning

85% Increase in positive perception on the importance of sustainability issues

35% Increase in outdoor teaching


25% Waste knowledge increase

55% Water knowledge Increase

21% Watts knowledge Increase

Eco Committee, assemble!

Every school forms a group of dedicated environmental champions called an Eco Committee

The EcoCommittee is responsible for leading Eco-Schools actions and initiatives. Eco Committee can range from just a few members to whole schools, and operate best with a diverse membership base, including students, teachers, principals, school administration, custodians, parents and community partners.

Engaging in environmental actions

Actions make up the backbone of Eco-Schools certification, and consist of a variety of fun and educational projects, campaigns, lessons and challenges that help schools assess and improve their environmental practices. Actions are designed to be flexible and adaptable to all curricula and school types to ensure that everyone across Malaysia can pursue certification. Eco-Schools actions also connect schools to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the global FEE network.

Schools can select from dozens of engaging actions like waste-free lunches, planting a garden, GOOS Paper and conducting an energy audit. There is also an opportunity for schools to design their own unique actions. Find a full list of Eco-Schools actions here.

Certification Levels

Receive a digital certification seal for your achievements.

Throughout the school year, schools complete actions in their online application and earn points towards their certification. The depth and extent of these completed environmental actions will determine the school’s final certification level.


There are THREE levels of certification a school can achieve: Bronze, Silver and Green Flag. Schools that begin an application but don’t earn enough points to be certified at the Bronze level are designated as Participants and are welcome to attempt certification again the following year.


When a school becomes a certified Eco-School, they receive a digital certification seal that reflects their certification level. This seal can be displayed on a school’s website and social media accounts, in newsletters, in email signatures and more.

Eco-Schools certification is open to all schools across Malaysia that are associated with school boards and districts

No school should be prohibited from participating in the Eco-Schools programme because of financial limitations. For all publicly-funded schools in Malaysia, certifying with the Eco-Schools programme is free of charge. An annual fee applies to private/international schools who are pursuing certification

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