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Eco-Funding Opportunities for Schools

Looking for funding opportunities to support environmental learning and action at your school?

At Eco-Schools Malaysia, we understand the importance of financial resources in driving environmental learning and action in schools. We recognise that funding can empower schools to implement impactful initiatives, engage students and create a lasting positive impact on the environment. That’s why we are committed to supporting schools in identifying and accessing funding opportunities.


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Application Evaluation Procedure

1. When you submit your school’s application form to our office, a member of the Eco- Schools team will look over your application and you will be contacted with possible recommendations for your programme and requests for any missing or unclear information. There will be a timeframe provided within which you will be required to submit the missing information.


2. When your application is approved, an Assessor will arrange to visit your school. This visit is an opportunity to show off the great work completed in your school.


3. After the assessment visit, we will contact your school regarding the Green Flag award.


Once you have received your first flag you must renew it every two years. For this renewal we expect you to take on, at least, one new Theme in the Action Plan. The year in between the Green Flag award and the renewal you will be asked to send in a report to monitor your progress.


For more information about the Eco-Schools Programme Process Flow, click HERE

Assessment Costs

Eco-Schools Registration: €400 (one-time fee)

The Eco-Schools Registration fee of €400 is a one-time payment applicable to schools seeking participation in the Eco-Schools Malaysia programme.

This registration fee also includes the registration levy for the initial two (2) years following registration.

However, it is essential to note that this one-time fee is only eligible for schools that submit their award application within the first two years after completing the registration process.

Green Flag Assessment Fee: €400 + Travel Costs + One Night Accommodation (if necessary)


In addition to the biannual registration fee, there is a cost associated with the Green Flag Assessment, which is a critical part of the Eco-Schools Malaysia programme.

The Green Flag Assessment fee amounts to €400, and this fixed amount comprehensively covers the preparation work, the actual on-site assessment, follow-up procedures and mentoring support.

To ensure the most cost-effective approach, Eco-Schools Malaysia will endeavour to designate an assessor as close to the school as possible, thereby minimising travel costs without compromising the quality of the assessment process.

Bronze or Silver Assessments: €200 per year


For schools seeking Bronze or Silver Assessments, the cost is €200 per year.

This fee applies for each year that a school participates in the assessment process for these respective levels.

The registration and assessment fees contribute directly to the administration, coordination and enhancement of the Eco-Schools Malaysia programme, enabling us to maintain a high standard of service, guidance and support for participating schools.

These fees are essential for the sustainability and growth of the Eco-Schools Malaysia programme, allowing us to continue empowering schools in their journey towards environmental education, sustainability practices and achieving the coveted Green Flag Award.

Please feel free to reach out to our team for any further clarifications or inquiries regarding the registration and assessment fees.

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