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Discover the comprehensive curriculum planning resources specially designed for Eco-Schools Malaysia students. Dive into our carefully curated collection of engaging and interactive curriculum materials. Uncover exciting lesson plans, educational activities and resources tailored to various environmental focus areas.

From environmental scientists and conservationists to sustainability consultants and renewable energy experts, there are countless opportunities for you to pursue a career that aligns with your passion for the planet.


The Green Jobs Malaysia Portal was developed by MGTC in 2021, and recently has been given a fresh outlook which embrace a unique feature as it offers vacancies that mainly focus on environmental sustainability or better known as green jobs. In a perspective, green jobs are defined as occupations that reduce the environmental impact of enterprises and economic sectors, ultimately to a level that are sustainable (International Labor Organisation).


This definition covers work in agriculture, industry, services and administration that contributes to preserving or restoring the quality of the environment while also meets the criteria for decent work, meaning adequate wages, safe conditions, worker’s rights, social dialogues and social protection.


Discover the diverse range of eco careers available and learn how your dedication to environmental stewardship can shape a better tomorrow. Start your eco career adventure today and become a driving force for positive change in Malaysia and beyond!

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List of Sustainability courses

Bachelor of Science

The world is facing a range of increasingly complex and pressing challenges – food security, climate change, overpopulation, habitat and biodiversity loss, and an ever-changing technological, economic and social landscape. With a science degree from Monash, the possibilities to make a real difference are endless.

Monash University

Bachelor in Environmental Health (Hons)

Bachelor in Environmental Health (Hons) focuses on the surrounding environment and factors that affect the inhabitants in terms of toxicology effects of the environment, as well as to focus on the needs of management of daily waste production, the monitoring of water and air quality, and risk assessment to the public. Related laws and regulations will be emphasized to enhance sustainability of the living environment.

Management & Science University (MSU)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sustainable Digital Construction Management

This sustainable construction management degree has been developed in response to industry demand in Malaysia and globally for construction managers. The comprehensive programme addresses the challenges of sustainability in construction with an emphasis on Smart and Green Construction.

Taylor’s University

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Aquatic Science

Water covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface. It is home to millions of aquatic species. And most importantly, it sustains human life. An invaluable resource must be managed responsibly and this programme was launched on this very basis. Addressing crucial issues in the aquatic ecosystem, the programme equips students with the know-how to develop solutions for an ever-changing planet.

UCSI University

Bachelor of Environmental Engineering with Honours

The Environmental Engineering programme embraces broad environmental concerns including water quality and supply, groundwater protection and remediation, wastewater treatment, indoor and outdoor air quality, solid and hazardous waste disposal, supply of safe drinking water, cleaning contaminated sites, preserving sensitive wetlands, and prevention of pollution through product and process design. 

UCSI University

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Environment) with Honours

Our planet is facing threats from various quarters, including direct pollution of the environment, the air we breathe, the water we drink, energy resources, and land cultivation. The programme at UniKL is the application of science and chemical engineering principles to improve the environment (air, water, and/or land resources), to provide healthy water, air, and land for human habitation and for other organisms, and to remediate polluted sites.

Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)

Bachelor of Water Resources Engineering Technology with Honours

The Bachelor of Water Resources Engineering Technology with Honours integrates the knowledge of planning, developing, distributing, and managing the optimum use of water resources and wastewater. The courses in this program are designed to expose students with the relevant physical science, technology knowledge and skills. The program proposed is in-line with the 11th Malaysia Plan 2016 – 2020.

Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Water Engineering and Energy) with Honours

The current scenario almost 77% of workforces in water engineering have only spm-level education or lower resulting difficulties for transition to high income industry, referred from ‘Laporan Ekonomi 2009 / 2010, Kementerian Kewangan”. The objective of the program is to enhance skill and knowledge for existing workforce in water engineering sector for high income skilled workers.

Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)

Bachelor of Environmental Health (Hons)

This Bachelor of Medical Science Technology in Environmental Healthcare (Hons.) course is designed to prepare students for the technical and professional demands of careers dedicated to the protection of human health and environment. This course embraces broad environmental ethics through human cooperation with nature, including safe home and workplace, clean water supplies, safe and available food supply, waste management and careful resource management for the future.

Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Environmental) with Honours

Environmental engineering is the scientific study of using engineering principles to improve our environment (air, water, land and natural resources), to provide healthy water, air and land for humans and for other organisms to live on and clean up polluted sites. It includes the planning and building of water and wastewater treatment plants, buildings, and industrial infrastructures. 

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Unitar)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health

Global environmental problems such as climate change, pollution and depletion of natural resources have adversely affected human health and caused more diseases. It has become an important global agenda which leads to the emergence of environmental protection legalisations related to the control of hazardous substances, green technologies, green materials and waste treatment technologies. 

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Unitar)

Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering MEng (Hons)

Chemical engineering with environmental engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with both chemical production and the manufacture of products through chemical processes including the application of environmental engineering to ensure factors related to environmental sustainability are taken into consideration during design and manufacturing.

University of Nottingham

Environmental Science BSc (Hons)

The School of Environmental and Geographical Sciences holds a huge amount of expertise within the various environmental science fields. There is a strong research culture both locally and internationally and excellent connections with industrial players. The school is proud to operate research-based teaching programmes which train students to be upcoming scientists in environmental science.

University of Nottingham

Petroleum Geoscience

Geoscience has always been the centre of all modern natural resource industries, starting from exploration phase, through to their development and production phase. This programme has been designed to provide students with a strong understanding of geology and geophysics that relate to exploration, petroleum discovery, development and production.

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)

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