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Leading Your School Board / District to
Environmental Excellence

Getting involved with the Eco-Schools programme at the school board/district level is a fantastic way to demonstrate commitment to a sustainable future for students, educators, and administrators on a regional scale.


Through membership, school boards and districts have the opportunity to act as leaders for their schools by promoting the Eco-Schools programme as a benchmark for environmental learning and action in Malaysia, while employing certification standards modeled after the international Eco-Schools programme that connects directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


While schools can certify regardless of whether their board or district has member status, the Eco-Schools programme becomes an even more effective tool when boards and districts work together with their schools and take a collective impact approach to environmental learning and climate action.

Becoming a Member School Board or District

Become an EcoSchools Board or District Member to create system-wide change and demonstrate commitment to a sustainable future for students, educators, and administrators on a regional scale.


To learn more and view a list of current EcoSchools Member Boards/Districts, visit the Board/District Membership page.


If you are interested in registering for membership or have any questions, please contact us at

Public School

A sustainable future begins at every Eco-School. Certifying as an Eco-School is an incredible opportunity for your students to join a global movement of over 19 million environmental leaders around the globe. It sets the stage for students and educators to learn about climate change, engage in sustainable solutions, develop skills, and form partnerships in their school communities. Whether you’re certifying for the first time, or pursuing your tenth year of Platinum certification, your school is supported by a comprehensive framework of and curriculum-linked resources to help you every step of the way.


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For a summary of how the Eco-Schools certification program works, visit our What is Certification? page.

Private /International Schools

Developing Environmental Leadership and Rewarding Excellence

EcoSchools certification represents environmental excellence for kindergarten through grade 12 schools in Canada. Participation in the program allows students, teachers, school administrators, custodians, and parents to get a clear picture of their current environmental practices and take action to reduce their environmental footprint.


Our program provides your school with a framework along with curriculum-connected resources, action guides, campaign kits and access to our online platform where teachers, administrators and students can measure their impact. At the end of the year, schools apply for certification and are awarded with a final certification level ranging from Bronze to Platinum.

Home School/ Virtual Schools

Remote and Virtual School Certification Program


Whether you are with a virtual school that was created due to COVID-19, or a long-standing virtual/remote school, we’re here to support you in achieving EcoSchools certification this year! With schools across the country adapting to new learning environments and methods of instruction, EcoSchools Malaysia is adapting to support you wherever you are: at school or at home.

Learning or teaching in school?

For teachers and students who are learning and teaching in a school building (with in-person, cohort, or remote classes), you may participate and certify with the program by registering on the EcoSchools Certification Application.


Learning or teaching in a remote/virtual school or classroom? Read on! For 100% remote/virtual schools and classrooms, you can now register, participate, and certify with the EcoSchools program in a way that is tailored just for you!

Remote & Virtual EcoSchools Actions

your Own
Reduce Harmful
Single-use Plastics
Recycle Personal
Electronic Waste
Textile Waste
The Great
Earth Hour
Young Reporters
for the Environment
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