Eco Schools


How It Works

Getting Started

More than 630 schools across the Malaysia are already registered EcoSchools. Why have so many schools joined this global environmental education program? Because it works!


Not only are students more engaged and exposed to authentic learning experiences, but this flexible program allows schools to build community, gain financial and academic benefits and have fun doing it!


Eco-Schools provides you with the framework to make positive, lasting change in your school community. And it can be directly integrated into your existing curriculum, so you still meet the educational standards you need to teach, all without taking extra time out of the school day.


The Seven Step Framework is your road map for implementing the Eco-Schools program, with students playing a primary role at every step. By following the steps, students think creatively and critically about environmental and sustainability challenges at their school and develop place-based solutions. As students implement their plans, progress is measured, helping them gain recognition with school wide awards.

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