Eco Schools


Parent and a Guardians

EcoSchools isn’t just for teachers and students

Parents and guardians are an important part of a strong and resilient EcoTeam. There are many ways parents’ and guardians’ diverse skill sets and expertise can benefit their child’s EcoSchools program, including

Becoming a member of the

Parents and guardians can collaborate with teachers and students to create and implement an environmental action plan for their child’s school.

Assisting with school gardens and landscaping

Helping to manage food and pollinator gardens, especially in the summer months, is a popular niche that parents and guardians can fill.


Many schools can benefit from sponsorships from local businesses and organizations.

Writing funding

For projects large and small, parents and guardians can help with researching and writing funding applications for everything from gardening supplies and tree planting to aquaponics systems and field trips.

Boosting school-based actions with at-home support

Many EcoSchools actions are most effective when parents and guardians get involved. Campaigns like waste-free lunches, the Great Gulp and reducing single-use plastics, and walk and roll to school active transportation practices are great examples of how parents and guardians can boost their child’s learning opportunities and lend support.

Delivering workshops

Parents and guardians can help lead or assist with educational workshops.

Sharing EcoSchools goals and news

The simple act of sharing EcoTeam goals and news with other parents and guardians can help foster support and interest in the school community.

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