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Who we are

Supporting environmental leadership &
climate action in schools

Since 2015, Eco-Schools Malaysia’s award-winning certification framework has provided independent reporting and recognition for schools. Reaching about 250,000 students annually, we are the largest bilingual, environmental certification programme for schools in Malaysia. We support engagement across all levels of the education sector – from students and teachers to trustees and parents – through training workshops and webinars, annual conferences, educational resources, and national campaigns.

We can help you

Build environmental leadership and capacity for students, staff, and communities.

Improve the operational efficiency of school buildings

Connect to local resources through a strong network of district and national partners

Recognize excellence with robust reporting and a collective impact framework

Support Malaysia’s commitment to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Reaching over 1000 eco-schools by 2030

After over a decade of growth as Melaka EcoSchools and numerous requests to expand into new regions, we formally took over a National Operator role in 2021 to enable us to begin working with school communities from coast to coast.


If you are part of a school community and would like to learn more about our program, visit the What is Certification? page for more information.

Connecting to an international community

EcoSchools Malaysia is the Malaysian National Operator of the international EcoSchools program, overseen by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). FEE is endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a member of FEE, EcoSchools Malaysia is part of a community of 81 other national EcoSchools programs around the globe.

Our Team

Ts. Ir. Dr. Mahadi Mohamad

Executive Director

Dr Anandan Shanmugan

Executive Director

Mr Balamurugan Ratha Krishnan

Chief Executive

Mr Sethupathy Ratha Krishnan

Chief Financial Officer

Mr Sri Themudu Bully Baboo

Chief Programme Officer

Ms Nurul Syamima Misran

Chief of Events

Ms Aysha Zamuel

Communications Manager

Ms Aida Abdul Razak

Sponsorship Manager

Mr Abdul Latif

Programme Executive

Ms Siti Hajar

Programme Executive

Ms Nurul Najaha

 Programme Executive

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