Eco Schools


Youth Advisory Community

EcoSchools launched a Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) in 2020 to bring greater youth leadership and voice to the EcoSchools program, with a focus on environmental and climate action. The YAC provides opportunities for youth to:


  • Share and explore ideas for tangible climate and environmental action within an open, participatory space.
  • Impact environmental education and action in schools from coast to coast.
  • Learn, unlearn and share new skills/knowledge to support community building and caring within environmental action.
  • Connect with youth from diverse schools/regions and grow a web of collaborators and mutual support.
  • Access collaborative and creative support for campaigns/projects.
  • Gain volunteer hours.

What are the Committee’s principles?

The EcoSchools Youth Advisory Committee is based on principles of intergenerational and intercultural collaboration, where reciprocity, knowledge sharing, and shared decision-making are practiced. The YAC strives to be a space for youth to explore and express their perspectives, cultivate new learnings and grow within a caring community.

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